LOVE… is not confined to humans

Have you ever watched a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets snuggling together on a branch?  They nuzzle each other, their whole bodies touching even in hot weather.  The one being groomed closes their eyes with a look of pure contentment.  RAINBOWlorikeet070114p06mmtext2

When you know that this is a pair that has been together for many years, and that they do this several times a day, you know it’s more than just “grooming”.  This is an activity they indulge in as often as they can, always with their partner.  They are a married couple.


When they have children, they look after them with affection.  They snuggle with their young, and groom them too.  But there’s something special about the interaction between a mated pair.

There’s nothing else to call it.  It is LOVE.

Sometimes love is felt most keenly when one of the pair dies.  Rainbow Lorikeets, along with many parrots, will stand beside the body of their mate killed on the road, some for hours.  They don’t seem to know what to do – they refuse to leave their side, often in danger themselves from passing cars.   We don’t see all the manifestations of grief – most of that would happen quietly in the trees.  We do see this though.

If that’s not love, what is it?

We believe that it’s best to assume that every single wild animal on this earth is loved by another of their own kind.  Some species make it obvious – like Rainbows.  Some are more subtle.  We’ve seen signs of Koala love, love between Kangaroos,  magpies, ravens, flying-foxes.  We don’t know whether insects, spiders or fish feel it, but how would we know?  Even if they don’t, isn’t it best to respect all life?

Which animals have you seen loving each other?

There are many reasons to save the planet from human-induced climate change.  This is just one of them.  Every single Rainbow Lorikeet that dies of heat stress, starvation, fatigue or bushfire leaves behind another Rainbow Lorikeet who grieves for them.

See our video:


2 thoughts on “LOVE… is not confined to humans

  1. I totally agree with this! I have pet birds and they show their love towards me and eachothers! I am such an advocate for sustainability for this reason!

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