Don’t get sad, get even! Dealing with depressing environmental news

Have you just seen another sad, depressing, awful video about the state of the environment?  Did you consider not clicking through this time, because last time you were flat for days?  Yep, I know the feeling.  I’ve just watched another one, an important one.  As expected it made me cry.

Do I need this?  Is it going to improve my life, or my abilities to work for the environment today?  Or will it just make me want to eat chocolate?

NO!!  I’m going to get even – I’m going to war!  War against bottle tops – yes, bottle tops!  Why bottle tops, you ask?  Because the sad environmental video I watched was about 500,000 Albatross chicks dying from ingesting plastic waste every year.

This is a problem too big to even begin to fix, I thought.  Humanity is useless, beyond redemption, surely.  500,000 chicks of an endangered species all dead with 20 pieces of plastic junk in each of their tummies.  Disgusting, terrible, depressing!  I wanted to grab all those people who threw that junk away and shake them!  I wanted to kill whoever it was who invented plastic.

Angry and hurting, I went for a walk down the beach.  A plastic bottle top stared up at me, cute and colourful and EVIL!  Rotten thing, I thought, I’ll teach you.  Into the bin it went, along with its neighbours.  In no time, I’d picked up 20 or more plastic bottle caps.  Suddenly, I realised, I’d just saved an Albatross chick.  There was only 20 pieces of plastic in one chicks tummy.  Binning 20 bottle tops is not too big a problem, is it?

I felt so much better.  I decided to write this piece.  If it helps one person out there, those Albatross chicks have not died in vain.

So next time you see one of those posts – click through.  You might have an epiphany moment like I did.  It might not be bottle caps for you, but I’m sure it will be just as inspirational.  You don’t have to get sad, you can get even!


I am a wildlife tour operator, wild Koala Researcher and committed environmentalist.  Every day I see the effects of climate change on my beloved koalas, kangaroos and birds.  It would be easy to get depressed about the future, and I admit I have been at times.  But that’s pointless.  Every day I also see how wonderful people are.  We take out around 5,000 travellers a year, and every single one of them has an environmental conscience.  But every single one of them has a different way of dealing with it.  That gives me hope.  We humans have extraordinary power to do good, and we will fix this.  Things might get quite dark before the dawn, though.

The video that inspired this is this one:

I wrote this piece simply because I think that if I am feeling this way, others must be too.  Years of dealing with it has given me a bit of an “expert” opinion, for all that’s worth!


2 thoughts on “Don’t get sad, get even! Dealing with depressing environmental news

  1. There are so many small initiatives that do good and we have to think big too. Agree that it is together that we can make the big changes happen. People care but are often unaware about the loss of species.

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