In the Gum Trees, the Banjo sings again…

The banjo stirs the hearts of Australians in two special ways: AB “The Banjo” Paterson, writer of Waltzing Matilda and The Man From Snowy River,  sang the words that made us dream of the Bush, the Outback, the wild places of our great land.  That land needs sweet rain to make it live, and it is the song of the Banjo Frog that means rain.

Now the Banjo is singing again in the Bush near Melbourne.  A tiny new life, born to the joyous calls of Banjo Frogs.  He is Banjo the wild koala and he is the spirit of The Bush that Banjo Paterson wrote about.


His mother is Pat, a 10 year old wild female koala, living naturally in the You Yangs west of Melbourne.  His grandmother is Smoky, the reigning Queen of the Gum Trees.  His two older brothers – Pitta and Clancy – are 7 and 5 years old.  Pitta disappeared into the forest years ago, but Clancy moved 3km east and became a Social Media star!

How do we know all this?  Because all these wild koalas are part of Echidna Walkabout’s wild Koala Research Project.  Every one of them is monitored by researchers on eco-tours that run daily – the Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD and Great Ocean Road 3 day tours.

Come soon, and you might be able to see some of Banjo’s family…  Or follow the happenings on Koala Clancy’s own blog, Facebook page or YouTube channel!


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